The Happiest Place in the World!!

The Happiest Place in the World!!

The Happiest Place in the World!!

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One cannot be in LA and not go to Disneyland, even if your only a big kid at heart and your on the other side of 30 something… who cares!

So Thursday 20th of August was spent fighting our way through crowds and groups around the “original” park, as they have added a second park for the “older” kids.  It’s a great experience and i felt like I was a kid again, the magic and vibe of the place certainly does capture ones heart.  We were even energetic enough to go back and watch the light parade and fireworks later that night.

Im not one for rides and my limit was the log flume ride of splash mountain, and even that i found scary!!

But all in all, i enjoyed the whole day and it truly is an experience of a life time, one of the must do’s on ones bucket list.


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