Sunset Boulevard, Rodeo Dr, The Viper Room, Farmers Market & Santa Monica Pier

Our tour carried on through Beverly Hiils, Rodeo Dr with all the designer shops and where “Pretty Woman” was filmed and the Viper room….. the bar and celebrity hang out that Johnny Depp once owned and where River Phoenix tragically died.

We were all feeling a little hungry by now so our driver/tour guide stopped at the farmers market for lunch, we also wandered around the outdoor shopping mall called “The Grove” and then headed to Santa Monica Pier and the famous “Bay Watch” beach.  I was taken by the old merry go round that was inside and how old and well looked after it was, it was absolutely beautiful.

Viper Room Rodeo Drive Santa Monica Pier Merry Go Round Merry Go Round Carousel Horse Pacific Playground Pacific Fair Bay Watch Beach Beach

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