Venice Beach, Tom Bradley Airport & Frankfurt

Muscle Beach

Muscle Beach

Our tour continued on to Venice beach, known as “muscle beach”.  The skies were blue and the sun hot, we wandered through the street stalls and along the beach.

20150822_092120 20150822_092910 20150822_093708

Our tour ended with our final tour destination – the biggest man made small boat harbor, Fishermans Village, where we had an ice cream and caught our breath.

Man Made Pier DSCF3133 DSCF3134 DSCF3135 DSCF3136 DSCF3137 DSCF3139

Before we knew it, it was once again time to haul butt to the airport.  I was stopped by security and had my hands swabbed for “explosives”, i mean really?? and after what didnt seem like very long, we were once again in the air and on our way to Frankfurt.

The flight was good, smooth in some places, rough in most, but we landed and caught a taxi to our hotel.  We have a gorgeous view from our hotel, it overlooks the trees and a gorgeous church.

Our View Hello Frankfurt! Frankfurt City

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