From Frankfurt to Berlin

We joined our tour group at the Leonardo Royal Hotel yesterday and jumped on our bus, there are  41 people on this tour and most are Aussies and Kiwis, so the sibling rivalry is entertaining.

Our first stop took us to Weimar, where we saw the remains of a concentration camp, which was  literally the chimney stack of the furnace.

Then after lunch we carried on to Berlin where the evening was ours to grab some dinner and get settled into our hotel rooms.

This morning we went on a tour of the city and saw the Berlin wall, the bunker (which is now a carpark) where Hitler committed suicide, Charlies Check point and the Brandenburg gate.  The buildings are a mix of old (what little survived the bombings) and new which are predominantly in East Berlin, its a beautiful city.

Tomorrow its an early start on the bus to Poznan for lunch and then Warsaw for the next tow days.

Keep cool till after school. Shells

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