Krakow – Wielickza Salt Mine

As we have been travelling around we have been comparing the included breakfasts that the hotels provide, we have come to conclude that up to today the best breakfasts we have had were from the hotel the “Golden Tulip” in Warsaw, and I must say, thank goodness for all the walking to walk off all the calories from the devine pastries!!

We didnt do the Krakov city tour today, so we had the morning to relax and take a shuttle to the city market centre where “being a Saturday” they have a huge market with all these amazing stalls, so were wandered around and I bought an amber ring and two hand painted christmas decorations. We had to eat on the run as we ordered pizza which was late and had to stuff it down while waiting to just make our buss to the salt mines.

The salt mines are very old and you have to go down 130 meters in this tiny lift which twice did a little drop, I tell you being cramped in this tiny lift with “9” others and having it drop twice on the way down was a feeling I never want to feel again, it was to be frank “bloody” scary!!!

The mines themselves are amazing, the caverns, carvings and what the miners did so long ago with just pick and hammer are truly impressive, how the Polish people have maintained them and made them such an amazing tourst attraction is impressive indeed.

So after walking around in the mines with our tour guide for more then two hours (the time goes so fast) we had to get back on those dam scary lifts to get out again, but going up wasnt as bad as going down.

So while some of our tour group have gone to do a Krakov dinner mum and I wandered across to Mac D’s and had a burger and are now relaxing in our room, hence the reason I am able to get my blog up to date.

So on to bigger and brighter things tomorrow, we are leaving Krakov and going on to Budapest after stopping for lunch in the mountains of Slovakia.



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