Poznan & Warsaw

Today was the longest day we spent sitting on the bus, we had the earliest start today, up at 6.00 bags outside our rooms for the porter by 6.30, quick breakfast and on the bus by 7.30.

We stopped in Poznan for lunch and it was a truly beautiful town, all the buildings were different colours making it look like a rainbow square of amazing decorated dolls houses.  They had market stalls around the square and I bought a pin and a wooden goat, they have goats everywhere, im not sure what the significance is, maybe they are Poznans national animal???

After lunch we carried on to Warsaw, this was the longest leg of the day and we made it into Warsaw around 6pm, just in time for our provided dinner.  It was simple but tasty, a starter of minestrone soup, than fish and vegetables and ending with a caramel dessert.  By than we were all barely keeping our eyes open and dragged our tired butts up stairs to bed.

We had a full day in Warsaw site seeing, we went to the monument of Choppin, we stopped at a monument showing the Jews from the ghetto being deported and on the other side the Jew uprising and then we ended up at the town square, which has an amazing castle at the east side.  We took lots of photos and made a stop at the market centre for lunch and to do a bit of shopping for souveniers.  Poland is renowed for its “amber”.

We have a quiet night to ourselves and then its on the road again to make our way to Krakow.



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