We have landed!!!

Well the day of reckoning finally came, after 12 hours of flying torture, cramped spaces, screaming children and dodgy aviation manoeuvres we finally touch down in LA.

Cant complain about the weather

Cant complain about the weather


Packing and Organisation Skills

(12 Days) and I’m counting!

Although these last two weeks of work have dragged on like anything……

This trip is going to be a bit unusual in the fact that Jase will be staying home working and studying hard and this time it will be me, mum and my aunty and uncle.

The last trip we did was a huge family affair to Thailand and Singapore which included my bro and his partner, mum and dad, my three nieces and nephew and my aunty.

I cant believe the amount of energy its taking me to organize what to pack, I always thought of myself as one of these throw it in your suitcase and “she’ll be right mate” kind of people, but oh no….. as Shelley has gotten older she has become more “fussy” for lack of a better word.   There has been 3 lists that have been ticked off re-written and then thrown away, now im working on the “throw everything in and then remove half kind of method”.  It definitely makes it hard when you are very well accustomed to the New Zealand “four seasons in one day”, so you try to pack and plan for every weather scenario you may encounter overseas, so there people is my dilemma.

Third world problems right there huh.  Peace.

Hello world!

Exactly that, hello world!!

Two weeks from today I will set off on my adventure to the unknown.

America, the UK and Europe.  Now these are common stomping grounds for many a traveler, but when its your first big world experience it’s always exciting to say the least.

So how proactive am I to get my blog up and running to record all my amazing experiences that I am eagerly anticipating??

Anyway, lots to do (including finishing work…) so watch this space peeps!

Keep Cool Till After School (as Ollie would say)

Peace Out – Shells